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"Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen" - The Recipe for Strategic Planning Success

stop collaborate 112114
By: Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

Ahh, the sage words of Vanilla Ice. The man may have known little about 90s hairstyles and fashion, but he (perhaps unknowingly) nailed it when it comes to advice for the new order of IT organizations. However progressive, proactive and well-oiled we think we are, I’m going out on a limb and predicting that a vast majority of our readers can still relate to struggles with strategic planning in today’s constantly in motion business world. A recent Forbes article, Prevent Your Strategy Offsite From Being Meaningless, quite succinctly explains and identifies the issues that hinder strategic planning in today’s business climate, particularly where an enterprise model is concerned. Those issues get down to a more fundamental planning challenge – getting everyone on the same page, collaborating, working toward the same goals.

Business Capability Planning in the Enterprise Intelligence Age

better business decisions 090414 2
By: Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

Troux’s CTO, Bill Cason, hosted a webinar that looked at capability-based investment planning. The 20-minute session reviewed how decision makers use capability modeling to better integrate business and strategic IT planning for improved operations, competitiveness and value.

BEWARE: Smart People with Dumb Tools

dumb tools 092914 3
By: Dave Hood, CEO, Troux

You have intelligent people in your organization. You hire the best engineers, architects, IT managers and executives. Why insult their intelligence by providing them with tools built for the 90’s? There was a time not that long ago when fluency with Excel was a measurement of your business acumen, but today seven year olds are creating spreadsheets for daily chore charts and tracking soccer scores. Is this still an appropriate way to keep tabs on, understand and run your business in today’s digital world?

The New Face of Enterprise Architecture

new face 090614 (2)
By: Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

Digital business has put new demands on Enterprise Architecture professionals to make the connection between technology’s constant disruption and its impact on business goals and outcomes. According to Gartner, EA teams that do not refactor their skill sets from technology artifact generation to business outcome realization will marginalize their value and struggle to remain relevant.  

Don’t Let End of Life Sneak Up on You

old tech 090814
By: Bill Cason, CTO, Troux

Three Factors for Managing Business Critical Applications

According to Microsoft, “In today’s corporate environment, enterprise applications are complex, scalable, distributed, component-based, and mission-critical.”

Real-Time Strategy is a Reality

speed of change 082214 2
By Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

I was taken by surprise the other day when I looked at my calendar and saw that we are well into August; and before you know it summer will be over and autumn will be upon us. Immediately I started thinking about the ritual year-end strategic planning session that generally looms around now. I’m sure many of you know of what I speak.

Office Space 2: The Rise of Milton

basement 073014 2 (2)
By: Dave Hood, CEO, Troux

Forbes Contributor Jason Bloomberg recently wrote a few articles addressing the current state of Enterprise Architecture. In his first post, he explored whether enterprise architecture is completely broken, a question not uncommonly heard in our industry.

Enterprise Architecture: It’s Not Just About Technology Anymore

renaissance opt1 071614 2 (2)
Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

In our last blog post, The Next Chapter of Enterprise Architecture: Self-Service, we examined the change in mind-set that seems to be occurring in all corners of the enterprise when it comes to EA. We wrote about EA tools as a catalyst to empower stakeholders all across the enterprise with quality decision-making information available whenever needed:

The Next Chapter of Enterprise Architecture: Self-Service

serving everyone v2
By: Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

Enterprise Architecture (EA) has changed exponentially over the years with transforming from an IT-driven initiative to a business strategy necessity.  EA as a field formally took shape in 1987 with the publication of John Zachman’s article “A Framework For Information Systems Architecture”. The paper described both the need for and the challenges of managing increasingly scattered systems:

Using Enterprise Intelligence to Strengthen Cyber Security

cybersecurity FA 050614
Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

We recently wrote about Enterprise Intelligence (EI) as a concept that delivers executives and decision makers with the insights they need to make more informed business and technology strategy decisions because of its enterprise transparency and visibility. In light of the recent wave of cyber security breaches it’s a good time to point out that EI insights also help with decisions related to everyday operations. In this case, strengthening cyber security

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